Celebrating the V Gandhi´s Week, ( organized by Iluminattis Center of Philosophic Studies),  opens the registrations for ART FOR PEACE.

This exhibition, as the first edition, is a posthumous tribute to a great illustrator Hermes Tadeu Moraes, cowardly murdered in 12 / 21 / 2003 during a robbery attempted at Praia Grande/SP/Brazil. We organized the first exhibition with his students and friends. Now we are very proud to say that along the other editions the number of works and great number of visitors in the site overcame all our expectations and we decided to open this reflection and opportunity to different kinds of fields. This year we are going to have a multimedia edition with distinct categories of work, such as music, photos, drawings, clips, documentary, etc…

The result of this edition will be available at our website and will be shown at exhibitions and festival in different cities and institutions.

To send your work you need to check the rules and deadlines, the theme chosen is a reflection of what we believe “Be the Peace”.

Remembering Gandhi´s words “We must be the change we want to see in the world”. Small actions can make a difference and if we can share our talents and visions our future might be a brighter one.

Join us at this global effort and help us change the world with peaceful and loving attitudes.

To visit the previous editions go to this link: www.iluminattis.com.br/index.php?p=app


Send your work

Kind of files:

Clip (until 5 min / WMV)
Music (until 5 min / MP3)
Documentary (until 10 min / WMV)
Cartoon (JPEG)
Photos (JPEG)
Animation (until 5 min / WMV)
Poetry ( text )
Images (JPEG)
Visual arts (JPEG)

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